July, the 8th 2013

For a new model of scientific governance in Africa: The Lambaréné Declaration - Creation of the Gabonese Albert Schweitzer Award

International Scientific Symposium July 6-7 2013, Libreville and Lambaréné, Gabon

At the occasion of the Centennial Celebration of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, over 350 participants (Nobel Prize laureates, Albert Schweitzer’s descendants, experts in science and medicine as well as in social sciences, NGO, private sector players and representatives of the civil society) were gathered in Libreville and in Lambaréné.

For two days, they all engaged into elaborating a concrete roadmap to efficiently tackle the Triple Epidemic - VIH/Sida, Malaria, and Tuberculosis, the first cause of over mortality, in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Organized to pay a tribute to the man whose philosophy was based on the “Reverence of life”, this symposium epitomizes the triple commitment of Schweitzer as a humanist, a scientist but also a man of great culture.

The President of the Gabonese Republic applauded upon the quality of the interventions and the debates between participants explaining that: “during those last 48 hours, you were Gabonese. Albert Schweitzer is part of the Gabonese history and we are determined to pursue this work, with you, now you are all members of the Schweitzer family”.

Ali Bongo Ondimba also emphasized on the necessity for increased usage of technologies to enhance efficiency in patient care. He reaffirmed his will to make Gabon as a regional hub dedicated to mother and child healthcare.

Concretely, “The Lambaréné Declaration” which sums up decisions made during this Symposium commits to:

  • The creation of the “Lambaréné declaration” coordination and follow-up structure, under the authority of a multinational and trans-disciplinary experts counsel.
  • The creation of three permanent Task Forces on: trans-disciplinary solutions research; training programs for healthcare and field professionals; and research support in Africa. These task forces will be managed by the coordination structure
  • The creation of a new ongoing training network, to benefit to healthcare professionals and local populations in order to produce specialists of the Triple Epidemic, based upon cross disciplinary collaboration.
  • The reinforcement of African and International Research and the launch of a digital platform, to enable communication between all parties and offer visibility to all initiatives conducted.

Prior to their work, participants went to visit the Lambaréné site where the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, created by the Nobel Prize Laureate at the beginning of the 20th Century, is still operating. It is now one of the leading regional centers (research, patient care, prevention, child birth and maternity).

There, they discovered the new « Centre international universitaire de recherche et de santé » which will complete the Lambaréné medical facilities with state-of-the-art hospital services and with a Research Center on Malaria, Tuberculosis and Cardiovascular Diseases.

The President of the Gabonese Republic also announced the Creation of the International Albert Schweitzer Award, to commemorate the Doctor, reminding that “if Schweitzer had Gabon at the heart of his history, Gabon holds Schweitzer close to its heart”.

Granted with US$ 250.000, it will reward the work of an individual or a team, able to support a sustainable cross-disciplinary approach to fight against the Triple Epidemic, in Africa.

These commitments conclude the Albert Schweitzer Hospital Centennial, an international event, held under the high patronage of His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba, and produced by Richard Attias and Associates.

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