Best-of Albert Schweitzer Centennial International Symposium

Day 1

Albert Schweitzer Centennial Opening Ceremony

Day 2

Special AddressesDr.Schweitzer, An African IconCompared Epidemiology: Mapping Trends in Global Prevalence of HIV, Tuberculosis and MalariaIdentifying Key Factors of Evolution in the Triple Epidemic and Discussing Diffusion Factors, Changes Over TimePanel Discussion: What Lessons Can We Learn From EpidemiologyA Different Perspective: Interactive PresentationPanel Discussion: Reviewing Progress in Screening and Evaluating The Cost EffectivenessInteractive PollingPanel Discussion: The Role of Health Education in PreventionJoint Presentation
Prevention Beyond Drugs: Discussing Today's Non-Pharmacological Approach to Prevention
A Panoramic View of PRevention Through Drugs and Vaccines: Innovations Today and TomorrowPanel Discussion: How Can We Coordinate an Integrated Preventative Strategry Against The Triple Epidemic and in Favour of Maternal and Child HealthExpert Conversation: Innovations in Treatment for Tuberculosis Including Multi-Resistant TuberculosisExpert Conversation: HIV Treatment Today & TomorrowInnovative Treatments for Malaria and Responding to ResistanceInteractive PollingPanel Discussion: Addressing Access to TreatmentPanel Discussion: Are There Any Protagonists in the Fight Against the Triple EpidemicPanel Discussion: Re-imaginig the Governance ModelClosing Addresses